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All Saints Church 

Raby Road, Thornton Hough 

Wirral, UK 

CH63 1JP 

Tel: 0151 336 1654
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About All Saints' Church, Thornton Hough

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  • Our vision and goals
  • What we believe
  • Our leaders
  • Our staff
  • History and architecture
  • Parish registers


Vision and goals

Our aspiration for All Saints Church is for God to be central in all that we do and in the lives of all our members, and to share the love of God with those around, serving the community and witnessing to others about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please click here to see our goals (2017-2022).


What we believe

Here is a brief overview of our Christian faith:

God, who created all things, has shown himself to the world so that we can know what he is like. God has also created a way that the troubles of the world and the evils of our hearts can be completely overturned.

Through human history God has revealed his wisdom in various ways, but most important of all was when Jesus of Nazareth was born around 2,000 years ago. Jesus was 'the One' (the Christ), sent into the world by God, to live a faultless human life and die as a perfect substitute.

Anyone can have faith in God and trust in Jesus Christ, living in the way that he taught and growing by the power that he gives. The outcome of this faith is that your personal faults are overcome, your guilt is removed, and your destiny is secured with God in heaven.

To find out more you can click here to see a presentation called 'Two Ways to Live'.

To read in detail the key beliefs held by the Church of England (the thirty-nine 'Articles of Religion') please click here.

Our leaders

Presently vacant

Mrs Patricia Baker
Mrs Alice Jones

Parochial Church Council members
The vicar and churchwardens
Peter Arch
Rachel Brothwell
Sydney Deakin
Di Hughes
Darren Jones
Elly Macbeath
Eileen Roberts
Lucinda Russell
Alan Splitt
Iain Stinson
Sue Stinson

Our staff

Margaret Gamble, Caretaker
Iain Stinson, Director of Music

History and architecture

For a short history of the parish, click here.

More information about the history and architecture is available here.

Parish registers

Parish records of recent baptisms, marriages and burials are held on site. Registers of older ceremonies are held at the Chester records office.

For more information please click here.