All Saints' Church Thornton Hough


Vision and Goals


Our aspiration for All Saints Church is:

  • for God to be central in all that we do and in the lives of all our members;
  • to share the love of God with those around, serving the community and witnessing to others about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


1. Spiritual Growth
To promote a deepening of love and spiritual growth. To develop and grow our knowledge through study of the Bible, through prayer and through teaching at our services and other events so that we are better able to apply the Bible’s teaching in today’s world.

2. Mission
To share the good news about Jesus Christ with others so that they too may receive and enjoy the grace and blessings of God in their lives. To support others who also work to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

3. Care for others in the church and in the community
To reach out to others and demonstrate God’s love in practical ways by caring for and serving others within the church and without, including all age groups, newcomers and those in need.

4. Worship
To use our talents to make our worship more meaningful. To ensure that our worship and events are worthy offerings to God, that they meet the needs of our existing members and are attractive and accessible to those outside the Christian community who are interested in what we do.

5. Organisation
To promote the smooth running of the church we need to:

  • Devise and explore ways of involving more of our members in all aspects of running our church.
  • Ensure that we are using people’s God given talents in the most effective way possible.
  • Generate sufficient income to balance the books.

6. Communication
To improve our use of appropriate communication channels to support and enhance all of our activities at All Saints.

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