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Baptisms at All Saints

Who can be baptised?

Baptism is for adults who come to faith in Christ and take their part in a local church. Baptism is also for the children of believing parents. 

There is no minimum or maximum age; however the essential condition is that there is a genuine profession of faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to living by that faith, in daily life and through church membership.

When young children or infants are brought for baptism, at least one of the parents must make the declarations of faith and demonstrate their commitment to Christian life, promising to raise the child according to the same faith and way of life.


Who can be baptised at All Saints Thornton Hough?

Baptism is open to all who are regular members of this church. 

In the Church of England, a person has the entitlement to be baptised in the parish where they live. However, it is still essential for parish residents to have a genuine faith in Jesus Christ, as expressed in the baptism declarations, and to be regular members of the church.

If you need to check which parish you live in, please visit this web site

Occasionally, people living elsewhere have a strong family link to this parish and, if there is a reason why the baptism cannot take place where they live, a baptism here may still be possible, at the vicar's discretion.

When can we have a baptism?

Baptisms take place during the main worship service, mid-morning on a Sunday. Please see the calendar for details.

Baptism services need to be scheduled carefully within the pattern of worship, taking into account the Holy Communion services, special festivals, and our united worship with St George's URC.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to offer a baptism service on a specific date requested by the family.

What should I do to arrange a baptism?

Firstly, if you are not already an active member of the church, you should start attending services. Please see the 'calendar' on the main menu for service dates and times. Please see the 'services' page on the main menu for information about what to expect when you come.

Secondly, please make contact with us to arrange a baptism visit.  A minister/vicar will usually come to your home and will preferably want to see both parents. Click here to email the parish office.

Please make contact at the earliest opportunity, and certainly before you arrange a gathering or party.

What will happen when we meet the vicar?

When you meet up with the vicar the following areas will be discussed:

  1. What is involved in a baptism service?
  2. What does it mean to be a Christian?
  3. What does it mean to be a member of All Saints Church?
  4. Should you have a 'baptism' or a 'thanksgiving' service? A thanksgiving is more appropriate if you do not wish to make an ongoing commitment to the life of the church.
  5. Who should be the godparents? To be a godparent requires a genuine, personal declaration of Christian faith.
  6. Practicalities and number of guests.

Please don't worry if you are unsure about some of these issues; just make sure you have given them some thought. The vicar will support you as much as possible. But it is essential to talk through the meaning of baptism before putting a date in the diary.

Frequently Asked Questions


I would like to have a christening, is that the same as a baptism?


Yes. The word 'baptism' is used in the Bible and in the service itself, and refers to the act of initiation into the church using water. The word 'christen' comes from old English, meaning, 'to make someone a Christian'. An adult's baptism is not normally called a 'christening'. It used to be the case that a child was given their 'Christian name' during the baptism service but nowadays that is done by a registrar.


Our wedding was at All Saints Thornton Hough; does that mean our children's baptisms can be there?


Not automatically. We would love for all our wedding couples to continue as members here and have their children baptised with us; however there is no link between the wedding and future baptisms. The best thing is for your child to be baptised in the church where you are regular members.


One of the child's parents has not been baptised, does this matter?


No. But that parent should at least be willing to support their child being brought up in the Christian faith, within the Church of England. If for some reason there is disagreement between the parents, please discuss your situation with the vicar.


Do the godparents need to be baptised Christians?


Yes, because they are taking on a responsibility to bring up the child in the Christian faith, setting an example and attending their own church.


Do the parents and godparents have to say anything in the service?


Yes, they have to declare their commitment to following Jesus Christ, by making a series of declarations during the service. A parent who is not a Christian is not required to make the declarations.


I have not been baptised and I would like to be baptised with my child. Is this possible?


Yes, we can baptise you both during the same service. The vicar will want to discuss this decision with you before any arrangements are made as it is a very significant step to take.


How old does my child need to be for a baptism?


A person can be baptised at any age. The most important thing is a genuine faith in Jesus Christ. When the person being baptised is old enough to do so, they make this declaration of faith for themselves.


We don't really go to church very often, but we don't want our child to miss out. Can we have a baptism?


Yes, in the parish where you live. But baptism is not just a one-off occasion, it is a sign of faith and a commitment to a way of life. Regular involvement in church is not always easy, but God calls us to do this and it is a sacrifice well worth making. The most important decision in life is to trust in Jesus Christ, who is our Saviour and brings us back to God our Father. At All Saints we are always happy to answer people's questions about this.

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